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3/8/09 Featured vid by LyraGW.

3/8/09 Added a few new vids. Check them out! ;))

8/14/08 Hey guys! Ive got some updates for you guys! I added about 33 NEW icons! So be sure to check them out ;) Also! New vid! Made by moi ;D Hope you guys like it! :x

8/2/08 New video made by When0Derek0Met0Casey! :D

7/24/08 Hey guys! Update time! New Ft.Vid made by the wonderful lyraGW. I hope you guys like it as much as I do! cc: And on another note! I was wondering if anyone had some ideas for Dasey Online? Like new sections, more pictures, anything! Please contact me here; Thank you for your support! :D

7/7/08New video made by the amazing LamoArmidillo! c:

7/2/08 NEW LAYOUT! YAY! :DDD Omfg. Its been forevs since Ive updated! Sorry guys! xD. Oh! And new Featured video, made my the talented PhilandKeely4Ever, and a New pic on Dasey or not! Hope you guys like the changes! :3

5/20/08 Sorry for the late updates! Schools been a total killer! Haha. Anwyas, 3 NEW wallpapers and a new Featured Video made by the talented openmouthwideeye. I'll be updating the site more this week so check up on it ever now and then!

4/17/08 Hey guys! I added some new stuff! There are a couple new backgrounds and I made a new section for Dasey Nation banners! Also! My BFFL Jessica made a section on here! Read it!

4/3/08 Okay, so I updated and added a BUNCH of stuff. I added more videos, Icons, and the Dasey manifesto. I made a couple new pages also, I made a new games section and banners section. I hope all of you guys like these add-ons. Also I wanted to inform you more about the note I have in the website-summary. For one reason or another, the layout refuses to work in Internet explorer properly. Im not exactly sure why. But it just doesnt. Im trying and working as fast as I can to get rid of the inconvenience. I also wrote more about me in the webmiss section. :D

3/30/08 OMFG. I FINALLY got to re-doing the layout! Im sosososososo sorry it took so long! Gahhh, I've just been swampped with HW and FCAT. Things just got out of control D: But I promise that this whole week I'm going to updating and adding new stuff!

2/18/08Yay! I finally got a blog done! x3 Hehe, took me long enough ROFL. So if you guys want to hear my rants and rambles, just go on and check it out here. Lurk, comment, laugh, or bash. Do whatever you want, I promise I dont bite :D Updates; I added a new section called "Dasey or Not?"! It's where you guys share your thoughts and feelings about a screencap I put up. I hope you guys enjoy it!

2/16/08 moirariordan Im so sorry about mixing you up with elevenfrolover05! Its all fixed now, and the credits towards you, the rightful owner. Now for updates; New fanfiction, videos, and wallpapers have been put up, so be sure to check them all out here!

2/14/08 New site and layout! Yay! Hope you guys like it, and sorry for the wait haha. Happy Valentines Day!

2/7/08 15 new icons!

2/5/08 New banner! Thanks elevenfrolover05!

2/3/08 23 NEW icons-check them out here!

1/31/08 Everythings fix'd! Some of the pages weren't loading, sorry!

1/23/08 Now affiliated with Derek_Casey AND LWD Crossovers!

1/23/08 1 NEW trailer and 1 NEW fanfiction added!

1/22/08 NEW layout and color scheme! Thanks elevenfrolover05!

1/20/06 3 NEW videos-check them out here!

1/20/08 4 NEW trailers-check them out here!

1/19/08 3 NEW fanfictions-check them out here!

1/15/08 4 NEW fanfictions

1/15/08 24 NEW videos

1/13/08 8 NEW wallpapers by reader123-check them out here!

1/12/08 Now affiliated with Dasey Snark!

1/12/08 New on the spotlight with greenfiend03 - check it out here!

1/11/08 22 NEW wallpapers by stephluvvsyou

1/11/08 2 NEW wallpapers by stephluvvsyou

1/10/08 18 NEW videos added

1/10/08 Now affiliated with Dasey Nation!

1/10/08 3 NEW wallpapers added by scenecaake

1/9/08 Layout up and running :)
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